guiaderodas empresa de acessibilidade

“Best digital initiative for Inclusion & Empowerment”, by the UN

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guiaderodas empresa de acessibilidade
guiaderodas empresa de acessibilidade

Search and review accessible places

qualificação de acessibilidade para empreendimentos
qualificação de acessibilidade para empreendimentos
qualificação de acessibilidade para empreendimentos

Quality approval for building accessibility

Technical, functional and attitudinal evaluation

How it works

Evaluation and diagnosis

Architects specialized in accessibility and people with mobility difficulties evaluate projects or building premises from both technical and functional perspectives.

Technical Report

Following the concepts of Reasonable Adaptation, Universal Design and national technical norms, the report details the main areas that need improvement as well as aspects that do not conform to the basic accessibility conditions.

Verification and Functional Visit

After suggested improvements are made, people with physical disabilities visit the building and test its usability, together with the technical team.


To complement the architectural accessibility, guiaderodas organizes the Attitudinal Accessibility training. Its main purpose is to teach staff how to improve the users’ experience.

guiaderodas Seal

If the building successfully meets the technical, functional and attitudinal requirements, a seal of approval is granted by guiaderodas in recognition of the work that has been done.


CA Technologies

Allianz Parque

qualificação guiaderodas de acessibilidade

EZ Towers

KPMG – São Paulo (Morumbi)

qualificação guiaderodas de acessibilidade

Atento Zona Leste

qualificação guiaderodas de acessibilidade

Torre Santander

qualificação guiaderodas de acessibilidade

About us

Bruno Mahfuz, the founder of guiaderodas, became a wheelchair user in 2001. Since then, he has gone through many adverse situations due to the lack of accessibility making him realize that an “Accessible Experience” is not merely restricted to compliance and technical norms. It depends on many practices involving infrastructure, services and, most importantly, a society’s awareness on this matter.

As a result of his experiences, guiaderodas was born, a company aiming to inform and raise awareness on mobility difficulties to the public as well as evaluate buildings based on their accessibility with the goal to provide a more autonomous way of living for everyone.



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