Accessibility and Inclusion in companies and buildings.

Why Guiaderodas Certification?

The promotion of inclusion stands out among good ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is, in fact, fundamental and has a strong component in accessibility.

The Guiaderodas Certification is a program that enhances and recognizes the best accessibility and inclusion practices. The following are eligible for certification: commercial buildings, offices, logistics warehouses, shopping malls, schools and others, whether existing buildings or in the project phase.

Guiaderodas Certification is the first program that:

Evaluates the level of accessibility taking into account the standards and experience of the person with a disability;

It covers the mobility of all people on site, including people with visual, physical and hearing impairments;

Trains employees to eliminate attitudinal barriers that prevent a good experience;

Measures ESG impact annually and proposes targets for continuous improvement;

Helps the leadership for greater engagement in the cause;

Certifies employees who complete the Accessible Attitude training;

Collaborates for urban mobility;

Promotes digital volunteering through the Guiaderodas app.

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How does the Guiaderodas Certification work?


The Guiaderodas Certification process takes place on 4 fundamental axes:











If the site is in the design phase, the assessment takes place in two stages: in design and in loco.
If the site is already built, the assessment takes place in a single step: in loco.


The Guiaderodas team, through consultations and guidance, offers technical support for all issues related to accessibility. The manager of the site in the certification process can access the dashboard and check the performance of his activities and goals.



objetivo de treinamento

With the aim of training people to improve everyone’s experience, employees are invited to participate in the “Accessible Attitude Guiaderodas Training”.

The following topics are addressed:

Concept of Accessibility
Terms to refer to Persons with Disabilities
Principles for an Accessible Attitude
Characteristics of people with disabilities: physical, visual, auditory and intellectual
Temporary conditions of reduced mobility
Improving Accessibility through Digital Volunteering
Qualitative research on the workplace



To enhance the engagement of the organizations, a Guiaderodas meeting is held with the leadership. On this occasion, participants are informed about the performance of the company/condominium in the Guiaderodas Certification process and the issue of accessibility is addressed as a strategic differential for business.



To continuously improve accessibility, it is necessary to place the user of the space, whether a person with a disability or not, as the protagonist of the process.

Thus, once the work is carried out internally, the location is encouraged to encourage its employees, to assess the accessibility of its spaces, surrounding establishments and anywhere in the world in the Guiaderodas app.

This action also aims to make people aware of the importance of accessibility for all.

Impacts and Results

After 12 months, an impact report is delivered with the results and the description of good accessibility and inclusion practices carried out by the location.

This document makes reference to the GRI Standards to communicate the ESG impacts of organizations, presents performance indicators and proposes goals for the continuous improvement of the next fiscal year.

By meeting the goals for Guiaderodas Certification, the site works on the following Sustainable Development Goals (UN):

SDG 04

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

SDG 08

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

SDG 10

Reduce inequality within and among countries

SDG 11

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

SDG 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

SDG 16

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

SDG 17

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Guiaderodas Certification

If the criteria are met on all axles, the site achieves Guiaderodas Certification.

As they are committed to improving the experience, companies/enterprises that participate in the certification process receive special attention in the Guiaderodas App, on the Portal, and are part of the annual Impact Report and other publications.

guide certification

Guiaderodas Certification Guide

The Guiaderodas Certification Guide contains the
main information for certification in a detailed manner.

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Do you want to have your establishment Certified?

Guiaderodas Cases Certification

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The Guiaderodas Certification is a program that enhances and recognizes the best accessibility and inclusion practices.

Commercial buildings, offices, logistics warehouses, shopping malls, schools and others are eligible for Guiadero Certification, whether existing buildings or those in the design phase.

The original methodology of the Wheelguide Certification was jointly developed by an interdisciplinary team, made up of specialist architects, researchers and people with disabilities. It is based on the premise that accessibility should be seen as an ongoing exercise and on the concept that “accessible environments” are composed of physical structure and people.
As a result, the assessment goes beyond compliance with current legislation and technical standards drawn up by regulatory bodies. By understanding accessibility as a living organism and incorporating human factors, the evaluation process also takes into account the practical experience of people with disabilities, the perception of regular users of the space, hospitality and aspects of interpersonal treatment.

Valuation of the property, reduction of regulatory risks, safety and prioritization of the health and well-being of occupants, user satisfaction, awareness and engagement in the cause, positive social impact, etc.

The certification process takes place fundamentally in 4 pilars:

1- Environments
In this pilars, the technical evaluation of the space takes place (in design and in loco) and solutions are presented to overcome architectural obstacles. Constant technical support is also offered for follow-up and any doubts.

2- Employees/Support
In this pilars, company/enterprise employees have access to Guiaderodas Attitude Acessível Training. Through concepts and experiences, participants are able to proactively deal with people with disabilities or mobility restrictions.

3- Governance
In this pilars, there is a conversation with the company’s leadership to raise awareness and commitment to the cause.

4- Community
In this pilars, the location is encouraged to encourage its employees, to assess the accessibility of its spaces, surrounding establishments and anywhere in the world in the Guiaderodas app.

Environments – Critical barriers must be resolved.
Employees/Support – In undertakings, all collaborators in the operation must be trained. In companies, at least 30% of employees must be trained.
Governance – Leadership commitment to continuous improvement through declarations, dedicated committees and involvement of leaders in training.
Community – Carrying out a campaign that encourages digital volunteering and assessing the accessibility of places on the Guiaderodas platform.

In addition to personal contact with the Guiaderodas team, the site manager has access to the client’s area, being able, through a dedicated dashboard, to follow the update of activities and the company’s performance in each of the axes.

The cost varies according to the total area, complexity and number of employees.

The certification implementation process lasts 12 months.

The certification implementation process lasts 12 months.

Yes. The check takes place through an on-site visit or by sending photographic evidence.

Being accessible and inclusive is a daily exercise that requires great commitment from corporations.
As important as the achievement of the Certification is its maintenance. Environments are dynamic, understandings are improved and operating teams are reformulated.
Therefore, once certified, the location must maintain the current certification on an ongoing basis, establishing a commitment to continuous improvement and taking solid steps in that direction.

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