Guiaderodas Certification, a symbol of accessibility and inclusion, has been recognized by GRESB and will score in the global standard for ESG practices in real estate assets


Guiaderodas Certification: Recognized by GRESB for Sustainable Real Estate Practices, Enabling Enhanced ESG Assessment and Reporting

Guiaderodas Certification has been recognized by GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) as a valid building certification for both Performance and Development Assessment.

Since its creation in 2009, GRESB has been a benchmark for companies in the real estate sector. Based in the Netherlands, GRESB is an independent, non-profit organization that assesses the ESG performance of publicly listed real estate companies, private property funds, developers, and investors. With a rigorous methodology, GRESB measures, evaluates, and compares the sustainability of asset portfolios, providing standardized and validated data for the capital markets.

The GRESB assessment is an important tool for the real estate market and helps promote the adoption of sustainable and responsible practices throughout the sector. By providing accurate and comparable data, GRESB allows institutional investors to assess and compare the ESG performance of companies in their portfolios, promoting healthy competition and encouraging continuous improvement.

Founded in Brazil, Guiaderodas Certification is a program that improves and recognizes best practices in accessibility and inclusion. Its methodology was inspired by the founder’s need, who became a wheelchair user after a traffic accident and experienced a series of unpleasant experiences due to the lack of accessibility. Thus, Guiaderodas Certification was developed jointly by an interdisciplinary team, composed of specialist architects, researchers, and people with disabilities. It is based on the premise that accessibility should be seen as a continuous exercise and on the concept that “accessible environments” are composed of the physical structure and people.

Therefore, the evaluation takes into account compliance with current legislation and technical standards developed by the regulatory bodies of each locality, as well as the practical experience of people with disabilities, the perception of regular users of the space, hospitality, and aspects of interpersonal treatment.

Starting in June 2023, Guiaderodas Certification, achieved and maintained by real estate assets, will score in GRESB items related to social equity, accessibility, health, and well-being.

Buildings certified by Guiaderodas can report this through the Asset Spreadsheet and the GRESB Assessment Portal.

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